PostHeaderIcon Variety is the spice of life!

Meat Lover's is just one of many for you to try!

What is better than hot, fresh, pizza made with the finest ingredients available? A huge assortment of hot, fresh, pizzas made with the finest ingredients available! At Buona we make many varieties of pizza and we know we have one that will be your favorite. Whether it’s our traditional New York style thin crust made with our own sauce and the best mozzarella money can buy, our Bianca with fresh mozzarella, ricotta and garlic, or the Margarita; the original pizza with a delicious sauce, olive oil and fresh basil.

You have got to try our Toscana, with chicken, bacon and tomato in a ranch sauce or our newest additions to the menu; our Stuffed Philly Steak or Stuffed Spinach pizzas. The Stuffed Philly Steak is a taste of back home for us, with a mix of american and mozzarella cheeses, chopped steak, and sauteed onions sandwiched between two layers of thin crust, it is more than a slice – it is a meal!

Of course all our varieties including MeatLover’s, Veggie, and made to order pizzas, are made with the finest, freshest toppings, and we know we have your favorite here!  And don’t forget to try our delicious Strombolis and Calzones.

Call for delivery, pick-up, or just come in and say hi to The Pizza Guys!

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